Facts & Trivia

Name: Nicholas Caradoc Hoult
Birthdate: December 7, 1989
Hometown: Wokingham, Berkshire, England
Height: 6′ 2½” (1.89 m)
Trademark: Distinctive “vulcan” eyebrows

His nickname is Nick

He used to attend Sylvia Young Theatre School, a prestigious stage school in London.

He left the Sylvia Young Theatre School to attend Ranelagh School, a local church secondary school.

His father Roger is a pilot and his mother Glenis is a piano teacher.

At one time, he was rumoured to be Eoin Colfer’s favourite to play the lead role in the proposed ‘Artemis Fowl’ film adaptation of Colfer’s fantasy novel. However, as time passed and there was trouble producing the film, Nicholas grew too old for the role and finally the project was cancelled altogether.

All of his three siblings have had some acting experience.

He used to play the trombone.

He was a choir boy.

He was hit by a bus during filming of a TV stunt. The stunt called for Nicholas to be tied to a chair and suspended 20ft off the ground when he was struck by the double decker which was supposed to stop inches from him. He escaped with a bruised head.

He was originally supposed to star as Young Herman in The Fence but after production delays Thomas Sangster was cast instead.

He had to attend an audition for About a Boy wearing his school uniform but, unfortunately, he forgot his shoes. He told reporters that be borrowed his mother’s white shoes and coloured them in, however, the colour came off!

He was given a PlayStation, one of his character’s jackets and his character’s hamster by directors Chris Weitz and ‘
Paul Weitz after filming of About a Boy.

Gabriel Byrne gave him a watch at the end of filming Wah-Wah, engraved with his name, just as his character did in the film.

He has remained in contact with Hugh Grant.

He enjoys playing basketball.

He bought a bike with his earnings from About A Boy.

For his role as an American in The Weather Man, he was coached by Joan Washington, wife of Richard E. Grant who directed him in the film Wah-Wah.

His great-aunt was Dame Anna Neagle.

Although About A Boy marked his first leading role in a feature film, he has worked since the age of eight in film, television and theatre.