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“Jack the Giant Slayer’s” Nicholas Hoult is in denial

Nicholas Hoult isn’t the extroverted type when it comes to talking about his career moves, but even he admits things are moving along nicely for him.

His zombie flick, Warm Bodies, is doing well at the box office. And his headlining role in Jack the Giant Slayer, out March 1, has been receiving positive buzz while the film is tracking well with preview audiences.

Hoult’s also part of Mad Max reboot cast, although we’ll have to wait until next year to catch up with George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

But that’s all right, because Hoult is doing just fine now.

“It’s daunting to have two movies come out around the same time,” said the 23-year-old during an interview promoting Jack the Giant Slayer in London.
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Nicholas and Teresa at MuchMusic’s “NEW.MUSIC.LIVE”

Yesterday Nicholas and co-star Teresa Palmer continued promoting the movie Warm Bodies, this time they were spotted in Canada. They were guests on NEW.MUSIC.LIVE where they talked about playing a zombie and how it felt making out with one. Check out a bit of the interview below!

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Live webchat with Nick and Teresa this afternoon

We’ve loved Nicholas Hoult since he starred in About A Boy (all those years ago) and was Tony in Skins (more recently).

And the British actor is set to hit the big screens in a rather different role VERY SOON.

Nick will this time be gracing our movie threatres as a ZOMBIE (yes really) in brand new film ‘Warm Bodies’.

And we thought we’d grab some time with him to chat about all things ghoulish (and everything else while we’re at it).

But instead of hog the hot British actor all to ourselves, we thought we’d invite you lovely lot along (just like we did with Taylor Lautner).

Nicholas, who stars alongside Teresa Palmer in the zombie romance flick, will be taking part in an exclusive LIVE WEBCHAT right here this Friday January 18 around 2pm.

So make sure you tune in to get your chance to ask him a question with the hashtag #HoultChat

And in the meantime take a look at this EXCLUSIVE clip from the film which makes us want to run to the cinema IMMEDIATELY to see more of Nicholas’s scary pale face and find out exactly what happens next.


Oh and photos from the Warm Bodies Rome premiere will come this afternoon!